By Kath Davey A new report from Amnesty International, titled Persistent Human Rights Violations in Tibet, indicates that repression of dissent there has increased. Hundreds of Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns, some of them child novices, are
On the box Actively Radical TV — Community television's progressive current affairs program tackles the hard issues from the activist's point of view. CTS Sydney (UHF 31), every Friday, 10.30pm. In a Time of Violence — The second part
Persuasion By Brandon Astor Jones "Letters have always been serious business ... they can bring a smile, they can bring a tear ... they can do much. Letters are an act of faith." — Robert Epstein. I was pleasantly surprised a while
Message to Vietnam forum A Democratic Socialist Party forum in Sydney on June 6 celebrated the anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War and discussed the lessons of the struggle against it. The following greetings to the forum were presented by
No Cure For Cancer By Denis Leary Picador. 133 pp., $12.95. Reviewed by Dave Riley My sister runs her household like an amusement parlour. When you visit, you have to speak over the television, which stays on, and she doesn't care who you
Bloodlines Michael Hill's Blues Mob Alligator Records through Festival Reviewed by Jenny Long For any person doubting the relevance of blues today and for the future, Michael Hill's Blues Mob will make you think again. Combining a varied
Anti-nuclear campaign broadens By Chris Spindler SYDNEY — As the federal Labor government begins to feel the mass opposition to its weak opposition to the Chirac government's decision to resume nuclear testing, anti-nuclear campaigners
A great voice and a way with words Returning on Foot Girl Zone Records 1995 Reviewed by Anthea Holt Penelope Swales has a great voice and a way with words. In her latest CD, this singer-songwriter takes the listener on a guided tour of
By Michelle Armstrong and Tony Iltis CANBERRA — The French government's decision to resume nuclear testing in Moruroa Atoll has met an angry response here. A rally on June 18 at the French Embassy attracted 1000 people. The crowd marched
French students reject nuclear tests We, student representatives in our countries, want to express our deep concerns about the French decision to renew nuclear testing in the Pacific. This testing is ecologically hazardous. Regardless of
The Slouch of Vietnam By Denis Kevans Why should I wear the new slouch hat, the slouch of Vietnam, Why should I share the napalm-guilt of blundering Uncle Sam, Why should I hunt down peasant kids, who fight for rights and rice, Why
Uranium: leave it in the ground! By Jennifer Thompson The Australian government's gentle protests over French nuclear testing plans cannot conceal Australia's role in creating and maintaining the nuclear danger. Australian diplomats were
Socialists run in Brisbane By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Democratic Socialist campaign confirmed on June 22 it would run 22-year-old environmental and social justice activist Zanny Begg for the seat of Brisbane Central in the July 15
By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Queensland Labor Premier Wayne Goss is running scared in the state election announced for July 15. He said in launching the poll on June 20, with a minimum 26-day campaign period, that "people are going around and
Loose cannons The marketplace "We have a government which is fumbling and lurching its way through the corridors of business. It does not know how the marketplace works." — NSW Liberal leader Peter Collins, on the state Labor government's
By Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — The rumour that Marxism is dead is highly exaggerated. Interest in Marxism, in fact, is getting keener all the time, as a succession of recent international conferences and seminars has shown. In September 1994


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