Amongst Equals By Tom Zubrycki available on illegal video throughout Australia Reviewed by Barry Healy Tom Zubrycki has produced a revealing work about the Australian trade union movement. But it reveals more in what is passed over and in the
By Will Firth BERLIN — Forty years of divergent development have produced two very different social systems in Germany. The words "East" and "West" are still used widely because, although there is now only one state, major differences in
Coming antiwar actions February 22 and 23 activities are being planned in many cities. These include: Wollongong Gulf debate February 22 Hobart Public meeting February 22 Teach-in February 23 Newcastle Picnic linking up with
By Jose Ramos-Horta Foreign Minister Gareth Evans and his Indonesian counterpart, Ali Alatas, met in Denpasar last week to celebrate the Indonesian parliament's ratification of the so-called "Timor Gap Treaty". Both men, in their roles of daylight
By Peter Boyle Environmentalists have cautiously welcomed the draft report of the Resource Assessment Commission into the effects of the proposed gold-platinum-palladium mine at Coronation Hill in Kakadu national park. While the report, released
SAUL PELLE, a full-time officer for the African National Congress Australian Mission, recently returned from a visit to South Africa, his first since going into exile 14 years ago. He was one of 1603 delegates attending the ANC Consultative
Jim Anderton I would like to add my congratulations and best wishes for your new publishing venture. In providing a new progressive weekly newspaper to counter the clearly biased way in which important social and economic and political news is
By Sid Walker There's a lot we know about Australia's forests — and a staggering amount we don't know. We know they extend over some 5% of the continent and that our woodlands, with a lighter tree-cover, are rather more extensive. As well
SYDNEY — Ten thousand boisterous protesters marched in bad weather on February 10 in a spirited demonstration organised by the Network for Peace in the Middle East. The march ended at the Domain with a rally chaired by journalist Jane Singleton,
2>ALEXANDER BUZGALIN is a lecturer in economics at Moscow State University and a central figure in the Marxist Platform tendency of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. At the CPSU's 28th Congress he was elected to the Central Committee. He was
East German students on the march By Kath Gelber BERLIN — "Westies and Easties interpret the Federal Republic of Germany in different ways; the point however is to change it." This banner paraphrasing Marx decorated the foyer of the Humboldt
Coming soon Rory McLeod is back in Australia and is touring with Kev Carmody. A coming issue of Green Left will have an interview with Rory on folk music, politics and cultural dissent. Rory and Kev will be playing at Groome Park Hotel,
SYDNEY — The New South Wales ALP machine ("Sussex Street") and local members Peter Baldwin (federal) and John Murray (state) have been led a very merry dance here in recent days by the party's Haberfield Branch. The fracas has been caused by the
Law No. 33/81 of the Cuban National Assembly of People's Power states: "... State agencies, businesses and their affiliates, farm cooperatives, political, social and mass organisations, and citizens themselves must develop a culture concerning the
By Peter Boyle "We don't support Saddam Hussein, and we are against his occupation of Kuwait, but we are also against the bombing of Baghdad and other cities and towns in Iraq because innocent children, women and men are being killed", Abu Salam, a
HELEN JARVIS spent 10 days in Cambodia in December, her third visit to that country. She describes the changes that had taken place since her last visit three years earlier, and an interview with the deputy foreign minister about the prospects for


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