By Tom Jordan At a press conference held in Jerusalem on February 6, a petition was presented which called for an immediate cease-fire and a negotiated end to the Gulf War. It was signed by 126 Israeli peace activist and public figures. A number of

Young green campers plot to save planet By Patricia Corcoran SYDNEY — While military recruiting centres report an increase in unemployed young people seeking a career in the services and Dick Smith and Tandy are trying to interest young people

By Peter Boyle The Australian government is deliberately misrepresenting the Palestine Liberation Organisation's position on the conflict in the Arab-Persian Gulf, according to Ali Kazak, the PLO representative in Australia and ambassador to

By Angela Matheson Australia's social welfare system doesn't work. Long queues and deteriorating service for people on welfare, coupled with industrial action amongst overloaded Social Security staff, indicate the breakdown in social welfare.

By Craig Cormick The capabilities of the Allied forces in the Gulf to cope with casualties from a protracted Gulf war have been brought into question by an international group of physicians. The International Physicians for the Prevention of

By Robin Osborne Overseas aid from official and non-government sources in Australia has hardly headed left, but it is certainly going green. Recent statements by the government, its aid arm the Australian International Development Assistance Bureau

By David Mizon MELBOURNE — Of 74 maintenance and boiler house workers who struck for three months last year over health and safety issues and in support of their sacked shop steward, only 29 remained when maintenance workers at Hoechst's Altona

By Karen Fletcher BRISBANE — A historic alliance of conservationists, left parties, resident group activists and Australian Democrats has condemned the Liberal City Council's decision to place a massive land-fill dump in Rochedale, a residential

By Sally Low Three out of four Lithuanian voters on February 9-10 answered "Yes" to a referendum asking "Do you support the idea that Lithuania is an independent, democratic republic?" The vote for independence can only have been increased by the

Leading the free world "With more than 1 million adults behind bars, the U.S. has an incarceration rate of 426 per 100,000 population, compared with 333 per 100,000 in runner-up South Africa and 268 in the No. 3 Soviet Union ... black Americans ...


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