Venezuelan worker-run factory restarts production, produces 2 million sanitary pads

Aragua Governor Tarek El Aissaimi with workers from the Gran Cacique plant. Photo via Venezuela Analysis.

Venezuela's newly nationalised Kimberly-Clark factory has produced 2,068,800 sanitary towels its the first month since reopening following a worker takeover in July, said on August 10.

Last month, the Texas-based consumer products giant shut down its operations in the country without warning, firing nearly 1000 workers.

In response, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro approved a workers' request to occupy the plant, pledging US$22 million to restart production under workers' control. Now known as Gran Cacique Maracay Industry, the state enterprise has four new production lines to manufacture toilet paper.

Operating at full capacity, the plant can reportedly meet 20% of national demand for diapers, sanitary pads, toilet paper and other scarce personal care products.

All of the company's products will be turned over to the government's new Sovereign Supply Mission, to be distributed to communities via Local Production and Distribution Committees (CLAPs).

Aragua Governor Tarek El Aissami said government adult education services are also being run in the factory.

“In these 30 days, we have done health workshops and reopened the cafeteria service, we have also opened the classroom for Mission Ribas, Mission Ribas Productive, and Mission Sucre,” he said.

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