Turkey: More than 100 unionists arrested -- solidarity needed


Police raids have targeted members and leaders of Turkey's public sector union KESK in the early morning of February 19, global union solidarity site Labour Start said in an appeal for support

The appeal said: “This new attack against the Turkish trade union movement, carried out by the authorities in 28 cities across the country, resulted in the arrest of at least 100 unionists, including many members of teachers' union Egitim Sen.

“In total, 167 arrest warrants had been issued for alleged links with terrorist organisations. In the meantime, 58 of the arrested unionists have been detained, while the rest of them have been released.

“This is not the first time that the Turkish authorities have used anti-terrorism laws to crack down on trade unionists. On 10 April, the Ankara 13th Heavy Criminal Court will start the trial against 72 other KESK members and leaders who were arrested on 25 June 2012 ...

“We call for the immediate and unconditional release of all the arrested union members; and urge the authorities to stop harassing and labeling trade unionists as terrorists. Turkish unionists need your support!”

Visit Labour Start to send a message of protest.