TeleSUR English launched to counter Western media

Latin American television TeleSUR has launched to provide a global, English-speaking audience with a “Latin American perspective” on world events, on July 29.

Based in Caracas, TeleSUR is sponsored by the governments of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina and Uruguay.

The site says: “teleSUR is a Latin American multimedia platform oriented to lead and promote the unification of the peoples of the SOUTH. We are a space and a voice for the construction of a new communications order.”

The site went live on July 24,, the ninth anniversary of the TeleSUR network and the birthday of revered South American revolutionary Simon Bolívar, said. It was launched with a 40-minute interview of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro by British-Pakistani author Tariq Ali.

The site promotes the slogan: “Don’t resign yourself to having just one side of the story.” said Gregory Wilpert, founder of pro-Bolivarian revolution website Venezuela Analysis is the new initiative’s website's director.

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