Sri Lanka: strike after murder of Tamil students

Students Sulaxan Sukantharajah and Gajan Nadarajah, murdered by police on Ocrtober 20.

Tamils in the northern province of Sri Lanka carried out a one-day strike on October 25 in protest against police repression, said. The strike was called by Tamil political parties after the October 20 murder of two Jaffna University students by Sinhalese police officers.

Tamilnet said: “All the businesses, academic institutions, public offices and even pharmacies and petrol sheds were shut down. No one, except those who engaged in marking their protests by blocking the roads, were seen on the streets.”

Five Sinhalese police have been arrested for the murders. But students have no confidence in any investigation carried out by the police. An October 25 Tamilnet report said education activities at Jaffna University have been “at a standstill” since the murders.