Solidarity shown to West Papua struggle for self-determination

Photo: Still taken from West Papua Melbourne/Facebook

The 60th anniversary of the raising of the Morning Star flag was marked by activists in solidarity with West Papua at the State Library calling for West Papuan’s right to self-determination and an end to the Indonesian military’s repression.

December 1 was a global day of action for West Papua. Following the raising of the Morning Star flag in 1961, Indonesia annexed West Papua in 1963, and a referendum was held in 1969 in which close to 1000 people were selected to take part. They unanimously voted in favour of staying a part of Indonesia. It is believed that those selected were forced at to vote that way.

Despite poor weather, the rally was lively and inclusive. Around 75 people listened to speeches, music and danced —outside the library and as they marched through the CBD.