Solidarity at ANU


Solidarity at ANU

By Anthony Hayes

-1>CANBERRA — Forums, films, stalls, demonstrations, music and social events were part of International Solidarity Week, at the Australian National University August 5-10.0>

-1>Forum topics covered international trade unionism, Aboriginal land rights, women and the Third World, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Third World environmental destruction, revolutionary victories and achievements, Tibet, Palestine and liberation Theology.0>

Participating organisations included the Committee in Solidarity with Latin America and the Caribbean, Indonesian Solidarity Action, Philippine-Australia Solidarity Group, Resistance and the Democratic Socialist Party.

On August 7, the ANU Debating Society had organised the appearance of David Tothill, the South African ambassador. With only one day of preparation, the Anti-Apartheid Coalition organised a demonstration which managed to drive Tothill from the campus.

Chanting "Racists off Campus" and "Nothing's changed in South Africa", 15 demonstrators gained access to the room, only to be dragged out by the police as well as harassed by representatives of the right-wing Student Association and the Liberal Club. Canberra samba band New New World Order added to the demonstration with dancing, chanting and pounding drums. n

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