Outing a media beat-up On July 23 Franca Arena, a Labor Party MP with a reputation for a generally positive stance on democratic issues, blotted her record with an outburst against supposed gay domination of the AIDS Council of NSW (ACON). She
By Ken Peak A plenary panel on "Left politics: where to now?" concluded the recent Socialist Scholars Conference. Reprinted here are major excerpts from that panel by KEN PEAK, the vice president of the Victorian division of the Australian
By Norm Dixon The collapse of the Stalinist regimes in Europe "forced a serious rethink on all aspects of the South African Communist Party's policies and we are still going through a process of quite developed debate", Ismail Momoniat told a
By Steve Painter At present, if a person visits a doctor who bulk bills, Medicare covers the full cost, and the patient pays nothing directly (though they do through the taxation system). The Hawke government's proposal to impose a fee (probably
Alternative plan for Newcastle Story and photo by Stephen O'Brien NEWCASTLE — "Don't bulldoze what is unique", appealed community activist Doug Lithgow at the launch of the "Old Newcastle" strategy in the city's historic East End on August 7.
By Karen Wald HAVANA — After three decades of supporting the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa — sometimes with their lives — the Cuban people expressed one of the most heartfelt welcomes they have ever bestowed on a visiting foreign
By Bruce Threlfo SYDNEY — Around 230 people attended the Living in Sydney conference, held on August 3-4. Initiated by the New Left Party, the gathering attracted a range of activists and people working in various fields of urban and social
Think of Those Who Have Died em = By Ernesto Cardenal Translated by Allen Jennings When you receive the nomination, the prize, the promotion, think of those who have died. When you are in the reception, the delegation, or the commission, think
Qld march for abortion By Anna McCormack BRISBANE — For the first time in a decade, abortion activists are about to take to the streets here. On August 17, the Women's Abortion Campaign will lead a march from Parliament House calling on the
By Susannah Begg The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), being held in Brazil in June, is expected to draw more than 20,000 people who will either participate in the official conference or in the plethora of related


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