By Jocelyne Scutt A woman who wishes to argue that a film made of herself "participating" in particular acts is sex-discriminatory would be entitled to bring an action for damages against the maker, distributor or exhibitor of the movie. A

Tape available A cassette tape of the "Violence, pornography and censorship" plenary session at the Socialist Scholars Conference is available from the conference organisers for $8, including postage and packaging. Papers by Jocelynne Scutt,

Sand mining blockade predicted By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Queensland conservationists have warned of a Franklin Dam-style campaign against the Goss Labor government's decision to approve mineral sand mining in the Byfield national park region

Write on Australian republic The renewed initiative to create an overdue Australian republic and the federal government's desire to improve black-white relations should be combined to create a proper starting point for such a venture. Apart from

By Susan Mackie SYDNEY — Tahir Hussan comes from the Darfour area of western Sudan. A rich cattle growing area on the banks of the Nile it is the home to the delicious cuisine served at his new cafe, Taste of the Nile, just off Oxford Street at

Resources The Banana Republic: A left analysis of Australia's economic problems, is a set of 10 audio cassettes featuring discussions with Ted Wheelwright, Tricia Caswell, Frank Stillwell, Sue McCreadie, Evan Jones, Jack Mundey, Rhonda Sharp and

Solidarity at ANU By Anthony Hayes -1>CANBERRA — Forums, films, stalls, demonstrations, music and social events were part of International Solidarity Week, at the Australian National University August 5-10.0> -1>Forum topics covered

By Dean Geoffrey Tribespeople in the mountainous rainforests of Sarawak have been battling logging companies with a network of blockades for four years. Australian and other international activists recently participated in the protests, and

By Peter Boyle The offer by the United States to sell 300,000 tonnes of subsidised wheat to Yemen has sparked outrage from trade minister Neil Blewett. The nation that claims to be the home of free trade had elbowed its loyal partner Australia out

Outing a media beat-up On July 23 Franca Arena, a Labor Party MP with a reputation for a generally positive stance on democratic issues, blotted her record with an outburst against supposed gay domination of the AIDS Council of NSW (ACON). She


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