By Peter Boyle The unemployment rate jumped from 9.3% to 9.8% in July, dampening weeks of media speculation that an end to the recession was in sight. Some 83,000 more jobs were lost, bringing the total number lost in the last year to 305,000.

By Chris Kearney SYDNEY — Public transport here is inaccessible to almost 70,000 people who have a mobility handicap, according to Citizens for Accessible Public Transport (CAPT). CAPT convener Ian Cooper told Green Left that all urban and

By Randy Thomas WALBRAN VALLEY, British Columbia — Fletcher Challenge has handed legal writs to tourists in British Columbia's Walbran Valley. The lawsuit claims "nuisance" and "intimidation" of the New Zealand-based logging giant's efforts to

The litigious foetus There is a scene in the Bob Fosse film Cabaret in which the heroine (played by Lisa Minelli), learning that she is pregnant, celebrates by drinking glass after glass of champagne with her lover. "To us, and to the baby!", she

In an article in the June 18 Bulletin, Melbourne feminist, lawyer and writer JOCELYNNE SCUTT outlined a proposal for dealing with degrading representations of women, an idea originated by Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon in the United States.

By Frank Noakes PERTH — What have unionism, opera, internationalism and local government in common? Answer: Australian Railways Union (WA) assistant state secretary Tony Costa. Tony is a colourful character, always ready with a witty quip or

By Steve Painter Protests against NSW Forestry Commission roading activities in Chaelundi state forest ended their third week with work interrupted by three protesters chained to a bulldozer, others sitting in threatened trees, and the commission

By Sally Low LONDON — Standing on a creaking escalator descending into King's Cross Tube Station, next to the one that had stopped working altogether, I fought back a feeling of panic. It wasn't just the thought of the terrible fire some years

Or any other "We all lived in this century; I didn't live in this century." — US Vice President Dan Quayle] How much? "I wouldn't leave this country if you paid me." — Patriotic businessman Lenny McPherson, asked to undertake not to leave

Young Soviet protesters jailed Two young Moscow anarchists have been imprisoned awaiting trial for three months, and may face prison sentences of up to seven years after being arrested at a demonstration near the offices of the KGB on March 12.


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