Socialist councillor: stop attacks on public sector


Socialist councillor Sam Wainwright has called on Fremantle residents to support a March 11 rally against the state government's attacks on the public sector.

"The [Colin] Barnett government is unleashing a wave of attacks on the rights of public servants and public services", he explained in a video posted on his website He said everyone should be concerned about and "take action against" these attacks.

"First, they're introducing legislation which is like Work Choices but even worse." This legislation will "dramatically attack the [working] conditions of public servants".

"Second, they're trying to contract out as much of the service provision as they possibly can, both to private corporations, and where it's not profitable, sub-contracting the work to non-profit organisations."

Workers in the non-profit sector typically earn only 70% of what a public servant earns, Wainwright said. "In that situation, public servants are told they're going to have to follow those jobs on the inferior pay and conditions or they can be sacked."

He also said the Liberal party government is cutting back on funding to community organisations, such as those that provide services for the elderly and people with disabilities. The pool of funding that is made available to municipal libraries such as the Fremantle library has also been cut by 40%.

"It's a massive attack on services and working conditions in Western Australia. We all need to do what we can to stop it."

Wainwright urged attendance at the protest rally organised by the Civil Service Association on March 11 outside WA parliament. "If you're concerned about these things, be there." also has reports on Wainwright's activities on the council. Those interested can also sign up to Wainwright's email list through the website.