In October, when Ampilatwatja walk-off spokesperson Richard Downs toured the eastern states with Yuendumu elder Uncle Harry Nelson, they explained how their protest camp would demonstrate that Aboriginal people running their own affairs could build the type of sustainable community that the Northern Territory intervention, like past assimilationist and paternalistic policies, had failed to deliver.
“Governments making new laws all of the time Try to tell 'em that being young's not a crime” — Area 7
Forty-five people attended a Womens Action Abortion Coalition (WAAC) forum on February 6. They discussed the need to reanimate the campaign for women’s right to control their own fertility, in the wake of the charging of a Cairns couple in April 2009 for using the abortifacient, RU486.
The spectre of the locally powerful woodchipping corporation Gunns and its relationship with the government hangs over the impending state election like a murky cloud. This is despite construction of Gunns’ proposed pulp mill remaining stalled, due to public pressure and its inability to raise finance.
The Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union has criticised the federal government’s cavalier disregard for workplace safety in the operation of its home insulation scheme, calling for it to be tightly regulated. It also hit out at the Coalition for “posturing”, saying it did nothing for workers' safety when it was in power.
The federal government has announced a major overhaul of the permanent residency skilled migration program and scrapped the current eligibility list of more than 100 occupations.
PERTH — The Sun Fair, an annual sustainability festival and information exchange, has been hit with a huge budget blow from the WA state government. The fair, which attracted 15,000 people last year and expects 17,000 on March 28, has been denied funding by the WA Office of Energy (OOE).
Western Australia Liberal premier Colin Barnett wants to introduce draconian legislation which will give police more power. A wide spectrum of critics agree the proposed new powers are unprecedented in most of the Western world, would be grossly intrusive and would disproportionately penalise the most marginalised groups.
On February 9, around 70 people attended the book launch of Will They be Heard.
In our 5000-channel, Tweeting, shouting culture of constant distraction, there are precious few annual events that unite the US national gaze. In fact, there is really only one: the Super Bowl.
The stress on Afghan and Tamil refugees waiting for their asylum claims to be processed in the Christmas Island Detention Centre is taking its toll.
Response on population Replying to the article we wrote on immigration for GLW #824, Alex Milne writes: "Describing everyone opposed to Australia's record high immigration as an "anti-immigration bigot" does nothing to contribute to intelligent