Socialist Alliance: AFP raid on Kurdish Association 'cynical pre-election maneuver'

Victorian Socialist Alliance Federal election candidates strongly condemn the Australian Federal Police raids on the Kurdish Association of Victoria and community members as a cynical pre-election maneuver and yet another attempt to sow fear and suspicion into the boarder community.

“There is no doubt that these raids were well orchestrated to coincide with the Federal election and to justify the existence of unjust anti-terror laws that are aimed to curb our civil liberties,” Socialist Alliance Senate candidate Margarita Windisch said.

“The Kurdish Association of Victoria has been around for over 25 years, doing the same it has always been doing — promoting Kurdish culture and providing social support for the Kurdish immigrant community.”

“Suddenly they are under suspicion of terrorist related activity, even though police confirmed that the raids were not related to a terrorist threat. Muslim and Tamil community members have also been subject to this outrageous intimidation by the state,” Windisch said.

“The Kurdish people are one of the largest oppressed ethnic minority groups in the world, struggling for self-determination and to end brutal discrimination. We need to ask ourselves, why are they being targeted now? Maybe the Turkish government putting pressure on Australia — just like the Sri Lankan government did — to stop community members from raising human rights violations taking place back home,” Windisch commented.

“If we are so concerned about terrorist activity and the need to protect civilian life, Australia should immediately withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and end military engagement in Iraq. Australia should also cut ties with Israel and Sri Lanka, two governments infamous for their state-sanctioned terrorist activities and assassinations of opposition activist,” Windisch concluded.

Statement issued by Victorian Socialist Alliance Senate Candidates: Margarita Windisch, Sharon Firebrace, Ron Guy; Candidate for Wills: Trent Hawkins; and Candidate for Gellibrand: Ben Courtice
Contact: Margarita Windisch 0438 869 790