Scotland: 'Yes' vote surging, Radical Independence poll shows

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Radical Independence Campaign released the largest public canvass sample in the referendum to-date on August 19 (see graphic).

The findings are in stark contrast to the official polling companies, and show that communities all over Scotland are simply not swallowing Project Fear.

Having been failed by decades of Westminster rule, and now facing the Tory cuts, privatisation and austerity, people are increasingly looking towards a Yes vote as a platform for social change.

In the break down (which can be seen in full here) we detail a trend that shows Labour, in their alliance with the Tories have failed to connect with voters who have suffered the abject failure of the Westminster parties.

When we go to the doorsteps we spend time discussing and engaging with people. This is not a simple "data mining" operation. That is why we are winning the argument, where the Labour/Tory/Lib Dem opposition are not.

The geographical diversity, and the sheer scale of the sample, show that finding overwhelming support for independence in communities left behind by Westminster is not an anomaly. Rather, it is a generalised response to being taken for granted for decades.

There is a peaceful, democratic uprising of opposition to the Westminster elite, that realises the potential for change through a Yes vote taking place.

There is only so long that people can be taken for granted, and Westminster are way past their sell by date. It is time to bring about radical social change, and we can do that through winning a Yes vote.

We wanted our conferences to be more than talking shops. We wanted to bring the ideas for renewing our society to the doorstep. We have a long way to go, but the network of RIC groups all over Scotland are working hard to expose the hypocrisy of the Westminster politicians and the unbalanced UK economy that works only for the rich.

These results show that Another Scotland is Possible.

[Reposted from the Radical Independence Campaign. View the full geopgraphical breakdown here.]

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