Rally against police brutality with Tasers

Marianne Mackay. Photo: Alex Bainbridge

Over 100 people, including Taser victim Kevin Spratt, attended a rally on November 13, which focused on the excessive use of Tasers by police. Most speakers, including Deaths in Custody chairperson Marianne Mackay, called for a complete end to the use of Tasers by police. However shadow attorney general John Quigley merely called on the government to release video footage of a second Taser attack on Spratt that it has kept secret.


A chief of police in Missouri tased a mentally handicapped gentleman just because. This gentleman has always hung around the police department and the chief told him that if he wanted to be a true police officer, then this is part of the training. Needless to say this disabled gentleman was shot with a taser..and the city council will not do anything about this. the kid who was tased, has seizures and as a matter of fact, had just a few weeks ago been in the hospital after a seizure. What can we get done about this? Theres some bad blood between my family and this police department, as other illegal acts have been being committed by this same chief of police, yet the city council and mayor still have done nothing. I need your help.