Radiology staff stop work for better pay and conditions

Radiology staff at I-MED took strike action on February 14. Photo: Victorian Allied Health Professionals / Facebook

After several months of failed negotiations, radiology staff at I-MED Victoria stopped work on all sites on February 14.

I-MED, a radiology company owned by global private equity firm Permira, increased its profits during the COVID-19 pandemic while staff have been overworked, understaffed and, at times, not provided appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

I-MED staff, with the assistance of the Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association (VAHPA) were campaigning for wage rises, better conditions and paid pandemic leave, during enterprise bargaining.

Negotiations stalled when I-MED management made an offer on pay that, according to VAHPA lead organiser, Linda Jenkin, would mean workers “go backwards in real terms”. A majority rejected the offer and called for the industrial action.

Delegates at the stop-work said they had worked harder than ever through the pandemic.

VAHPA Secretary Craig McGregor said that “I-MED and similar companies survived the pandemic on the work done by these highly skilled Allied Health Professionals and it’s time this was recognised and rewarded”.

Industrial action is set to continue until I-MED Victoria offers a fair pay rise.