Photos: Solidarity with the mass protests in Chile

Hundreds of members of the Chilean community and supporters rallied in Sydney with the iconic Opera House in the background on October 27 in solidarity with the mass protests occurring in Chile right now.

Similar protests were held in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

More than a million people have participated in protests in Chile over the past several days.

The Chilean government has reacted violently, including sending in the military to suppress protests.

The protests in Chile are in response to the rising cost of living, cutbacks to social services and increasing wealth inequality.

Speakers at the Sydney rally called on Australia to cut all ties with Chile while it continues to repress protests.

Chile solidarity Sydney October 25.
Sydney, October 25. Photo Zebedee Parkes
Chile solidarity rally Perth October 25.
Perth October 25. Photo: Sam Wainwright
Chile solidarity rally Brisbane October 25. Photo: Alex Bainbridge
Brisbane October 25. Photo: Alex Bainbridge