PHOTOS: Rally marks 20 years of mandatory detention shame

Photos by Ali Bakhtiavandi

On April 9, around 300 people marched on Broadmeadows detention centre to demand an end to mandatory detention of asylum seekers. The rally coincided with the 20-year anniversary of the introduction of mandatory detention.

Former detainee Ali Bakhtiavandi told the rally: “People are detained almost for a lifetime in an attempt to stop them coming to Australia. ASIO says they are a security risk. The only risk to Australians is from Gillard and Abbott.”

A detainee inside the detention centre addressed the crowd: “Thank you for coming to support us. The Australian government has no humanity in body or soul.” Sue Bolton from Refugee Action Collective said: “Police and government keep people away from asylum seekers because they know that contact leads people to see them as human beings.”


I hope Australian authorities will change their mind and attitude towards refugees. They are humans wherever they are from. Let live their life freely.