People 'justifiably angry' as British Labour's NEC caves on Israel, Jewish socialists say

Protest outside Labour Party headquarters.

People are “justifiably angry” that Labour’s national executive committee (NEC) decided to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism, Jewish Socialists’ Group’s Julia Bard said after the NEC voted to do so on September 4.

Jewish Socialists’ Group activist David Rosenberg said it was “no doubt a significant setback” for Jeremy Corbyn’s allies but, despite the adoption of the definition and all its 11 examples, pro-Israel MPs and groups are hesitant to call it a victory.

Rosenberg said the pro-Israel Jewish Leadership Council first welcomed the adoption announcement, before changing its statement to complain that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wanted an add-on promise to protect freedom of speech to criticise Israel.

He said: “If our opponents are reduced to complaining about Labour’s commitment to free speech, it makes their agendas of promoting censorship and outlawing views other than their own even more transparent.”

[Abridged from Morning Star Online.]