Occupy Perth general assembly prepares for action


Between 80 and 100 people gathered for an open-air Occupy Perth general assembly in Perth on October 22. It began at 11am and finished around 5pm.

The main purpose of the assembly was to make plans for establishing a Perth occupation at the end of the Chogm Protest (taking next Friday, October 28) that would last at least throughout the CHOGM summit.

There was quite a constructive discussion and a lot of enthusiasm to begin an occupation next weekend. Eleven working groups were established.

One person mentioned that he'd be quite happy to see those numbers at an actual demonstration, but to have such a turnout for a meeting to prepare a demonstration was very heartening.

There was a discussion about what attitude to political parties and other groups that bring leaflets, newspapers, banners and stalls. This resulted in a general agreement that we were not going to begin this movement on the basis of censorship, and instead would aim to draw in as many people as possible so no one group would be seen to represent the Occupy movement as a whole.

People roundly condemned the police brutality against Occupy Melbourne. Media releases were sent out from Occupy Perth and Chogm Action Network. All media covered the issue including: four TV stations, the Sunday Times and AAP.

For more media coverage of the CHOGM and occupy protests visit http://www.chogmprotest.org/post/302