Malaysian socialists pay tribute to Hugo Chavez

Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) expresses its deepest condolences to the people of Venezuela, Latin America and all who supported the Bolivarian Revolution, for the loss of our great Comrade Hugo Chavez.

Comrade Chavez had gained the most votes in the history of Venezuela when he elected for the fourth consecutive presidential term. Unfortunately, now the unfinished revolutionary process has to go on without the physical present of comrade Chavez.

As Vice-President Nicolas Maduro said, "Those who die for life, can’t be called dead." Comrade Chavez will be more alive than ever in the heart of all the people who committed to struggle for a better world that free the the savageness of capitalism and neo-liberal imperialism.

Comrade Chavez is a visionary revolutionary that not only inspires the people in Venezuela, but also downtrodden in Latin America as well as people fighting against neo-liberal agenda around the world. The Bolivarian Revolution has captured the imagination of many people, including us in PSM, that another world is possible.

PSM believes that the legacy of comrade Chavez can be defended through continuous mobilization from below for Socialism of 21st Century.

In solidarity,
Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM)