Jack Thomas faces new trial


Lawyers for Jack Thomas are seeking leave to appeal to the High Court to prevent him being re-tried on charges under the "anti-terror" laws.

In 2006 Thomas was found guilty of accepting money from a "terrorist organisation" (he received money to help him return to Australia from Pakistan in 2003, but denies that it came from a terrorist organisation). He was also charged with falsifying a passport. The conviction was overturned on appeal.

The original conviction was based solely on an interview conducted by the Australian Federal Police while he was in a Pakistani prison in 2003. This interview, during which Thomas was not represented by a lawyer, occurred after he had been subject to torture and duress by various agencies, including the CIA, the FBI and the Pakistani ISI (military intelligence).

On appeal, the interview was ruled inadmissible. Now he is due to be re-tried on the basis of statements he made in an interview with the ABC TV program Four Corners.