As Israel massacres Gazans, Italians protest Giro for racing in Israel

At the same time as the Israeli Defense Force massacred more than 50 Gazans protesting against the US shifting its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, Matte Gallo writes that Italians are joining protests against the decision of the major cycling race Giro d’Italia to start the contest in Israel.

In various stages of this important Italian sporting event, many activists have protested -- waving flags, chanting slogans and making their presence felt energetically.

Details of Nakba anniversary protests in Australia, starting with Sydney's on May 15. can be found here

The first Italian city after the stages of the Giro d’Italia in Israel was in Catania in Sicily on May 8, where dozens of activists have raised banners and waved Palestinian flags. The protest took place in a square in the centre of the city and slowed down the start of the race. The police intervened to move the demonstrators.

On May 12, when the tour arrived at Montevergine in Campania, a small town in southern Italy, the sides of the road near the end of the route were full of Palestinian flags.

May 12 was an important day for the solidarity protests with Palestine in Italy. In Rome there was a demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people for the 70th anniversary of the Nakba (when Israel was founded on the back of dispossessing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians) and against the aggression of the Israeli government.

About 5000 people took part in the Rome demonstration. On the street, a large banner was posted with the words: “May 27th, we’ll see you at the Tour.” This announced the protests that will be organised in the last stage of the Giro, which will take place in Rome.