Guatemala: Support needed against wave of violence

In recent weeks, there has been a dramatic wave of violence and repression in Guatemala that has led to the deaths of many human rights activists. Among them are peasant leaders, trade unionists, journalists and indigenous peoples.

In light of this, the Guatemala Peace and Development Network (RPDG) has sent out an urgent request for support and solidarity from around the world to bring pressure to bear on the Guatemalan government to halt this repression.

In Sydney, the Latin America Social Forum and Commitee for Human Rights in Guatemala have called for support for an international open letter to Guatemalan President Otto Perez in protest at this wave of violence.

You can read the full letter and the current list if signatories, . If you wish to add your name, email and so that we can pass on the information to the GPDN.

* * *

Dear friends, the people of Guatemala needs your support to stop a wave of violence that in the last two weeks has claimed the lives of several Mayan leaders, trade unionists, human rights defenders and even a journalist.

Thomas Quej-Purulhá peasant leader, Baja Verapaz, (02/26/2013+)

Carlos Hernandez - SNTSG and trade unionist leader and FNL-COPIISCO (03/07/2013+)

Andres Francisco Miguel, Sr. Pablo Antonio Pablo, Esteban Bernabé from Poza Verde (03/02/13) detained by the police and the 18 leaders of the resistance accused of sedition and breaking the constitutional order

Encarnación López Ramírez - recording secretary of the Indigenous Community of Xalapán-(03/17/2013+)

The journalist Jaime Duarte Jarquin and a man (03/20/2013+) from the Jutiapa Department.

Missing Mr. Roberto Gonzalez - President Xinca Indian Parliament and of the Indigenous Community of Xalapán -after being kidnapped by a raid by hooded gunmen on 17/03/2013.

Ruben Herrera, human rights defender detained (15/03./2013) promoting the right of free, prior and informed consultation of indigenous communities, charged with acts of terrorism and activities against the security of the nation.

The GPDN and allied organizations ask the solidarity of the world to demand that the Government of Guatemala stop this repression. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND SOLIDARITY signing this letter to be sent to the President of Guatemala Otto Perez Molina April 4th Day.

The organizations and individuals below fully endorse the content of the letter signed by the Guatemala Peace and Development Network's Executive Committee, and we urge President Otto Perez to totally and promptly respond to its demands. Guatemala needs justice, peace and development.