GREEN LEFT TV: Security guard loses his cool as Resistance occupies Coles


In one of the biggest Coles supermarket occupations to date, dozens of Resistance activists and other attendees of the Resistance National Conference stormed the Adelaide city Coles store to offer solidarity to striking Coles warehouse workers in Melbourne.

Channel 7 contacted Green Left TV about the protest and used footage from Green Left TV for their report below.


Just wondering why you chose to pick the Coles CBD store to protest. What have they done? If its a fight with the Coles victoria holding station wouldn't it be better to protest there where the problems actually are? Just don't have a clue what your aim was here.
When Coles tries to drive down the conditions for their workers at one particular warehouse (obviously in preparation for similar attacks at other warehouses) (and equally obviously, other companies like Woolworths would have been looking closely at the outcome in Somerton to see what they could gouge out of their workers), we have to make the company pay everywhere. Every Coles store in the country was a legitimate target in my view. Alex Bainbridge
Hear hear!