GREEN LEFT TV: 'Julie Bishop, you're supporting genocide in Sri Lanka'

Activists from the Refugee Rights Action Network WA and the WA Network for Human Rights in Tamil Eelam and Sri Lanka protested outside the Perth office of deputy opposition leader Julie Bishop on September 7.

Activists protested Julie Bishop in response to her comments that Tamils who have fled Sri Lanka should be sent back there without having their refugee claims assessed.

Bishop's comments were published on September 2 - just days after a controversial documentary was screened on SBS's Dateline show. The Dateline piece was widely regarded as little more than a propaganda piece in favour of the Sri Lankan government.

The protest at Bishop's office was addressed by Sam Wainwright from the newly formed Human Rights for Sri Lanka and Tamil Eelam group. Other speakers included Victoria Martin-Iverson and Phil Chilton from Refugee Rights Action Network and Alex Bainbridge from Socialist Alliance.