Global solidarity for Cambodian garment workers campaign for living wage

Solidarity action in Sydney on September 17. Photo by Peter Boyle.

Activists demonstrated outside global big brand fashion outlets in the centre of Sydney's central shopping district on September 17 to demand that these companies pay the workers who make their products (in countries like Cambodia) living wages and respect their right to organise.

Other solidarity actions in Australia were held in Canberra and Melbourne.

These actions were part of a global solidarity campaign held on the same days as some 50,000 Cambodian garment workers from about 100 factories participated in gatherings, banner and sticker actions to demand a rise in their minimum wage from US$100 to US$177 per month.

Two union organisers were briefly detained in the capital Phnom Penh and there was a strong military presence on the streets outside the major industrial parks in the city. In January, a strike by garment worker was brutally repressed by the military. At least four workers were killed and many were arrested.

Below: Photos of the garment workers' action in Phnom Penh on September 17 provided courtesy of the Community Legal Education Centre. More photos of the Sydney solidarity action can be seen here and here.

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