Global elite the biggest climate criminals, new Oxfam report finds

An indigenous Barzano man performs a symbolic ritual in Bogota, Colombia, before a march on the global day of climate action on

The poorest half of the world suffering the worst impacts of climate change is responsible for just 10% of global carbon emissions, while the richest 10% spew out half of all emissions, says a new report released by Oxfam on December 2.

TeleSUR English said that day that the findings of Oxfam's Extreme Carbon Inequality highlight the need for world leaders to heed the calls of social movements and pay attention to the vastly unequal contributions to climate change to craft a deal based on global climate justice.

“Climate change and economic inequality are inextricably linked and together pose one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century,” Oxfam's food and climate policy chief Tim Gore said. “Paris must be the start of building a more human economy for all.”

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