Gazan socialist: 'This is genocide'

Shamikh Badra, a Gazan activist from the left-wing Palestine People's Party, address thousands of protesters outside Sydney's To
July 17, 2014

News has broken that Israel has now followed its sustained air bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip, which has already killed at least 230 people, with a ground invasion. This weekend, rallies are being held in cities across Australia to rally for Palestine int he face of Israel's carnage (details below).

Shamikh Badra is a Gazan activist from the left-wing Palestine People's Party. Badra is studying in Sydney for six months and addressed the 5000-strong rally and march against Israel's murderous rampage at Sydney's Town Hall on July. His speech is reprinted below.

* * *

I would like to convoy the greetings of Palestinian people in besieged Gaza to you all.

Gaza has no Navy, no air force and no army. This is a genocide. The Israeli occupation forces are now committing a genocide in Gaza. Entire families and innocent children being killed in their homes.

The Israeli occupation continues to intensify its aggression against besieged Gaza. The Palestinian death toll continues to rise, at least 200 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1500 have been injured — most of them children, women, and the elderly. More than 2240 military air strikes have been launchyed against homes.

People live in Gaza under difficult circumstances. There is not enough water, electricity, fuel or medicine.

It is really genocide. The Israeli occupation describes the situation as a war between two armies. They claim that to justify their crimes.

In lace of all crimes and massacres, where is the United Nation Security Council, Arab summits, the organisation of Islamic conferences or the European Union? Silence from international community regarding that attacks is unacceptable.

Given the continued failure of the international community to hold Israel accountable and enforce compliance with basic principles of law, Israeli crimes have continued with impunity.

Therefore we rely on the people of the world and their power to change the future's course. We believe in people-to-people solidarity to being down the Israel apartheid regime.

I would like to seize the opportunity and this important event to express our deepest gratitude to our international friends and encourage you all to take a leading role in the struggle for justice and peace in Palestine.

We also demand parliamentarians, politicians and human rights activists to intensify efforts to end the murderous attack in our people — and to criminalise the Israeli occupation in the international forums for community these crimes.

Finally, in spite of these crimes, aggressions and massacres, Gaza will never surrender. Gaza will never die — but will resist the oppression and occupation.