Galilee Blockade grandparent activists occupy deputy premier's office

Galilee Blockade occupies Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad's office on April 4.

The office of Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad was occupied for 11 hours on April 4 by Galilee Blockade grandparent activists. As Infrastructure Minister, Trad has the power to veto the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility loan funding to Adani (or Aurizon) for the development of rail links, which are essential for the coalmine to go ahead. 

While in opposition the Labor campaigned against public funding to build the rail link or to develop the Abbott’s Point port facility. In spite of 75% of Australians opposing public money funding these infrastructure projects, Trad has to date refused to use her veto option and stop the funds going to Adani.

Occupying grandparent Harry had already met with and written to Trad about this issue, without luck. In front of TV cameras, she called him saying she would meet with the group. But later attempts to make an appointment for such a meeting were rejected by her office staff.

The grandparents’ occupation stopped the office closing for the day as they took turns blocking the doorway for almost five hours. After 11 hours police arrested three occupiers and removed them. They were released without charge.

The Galilee Blockade campaign will continue to target Queensland Labor to stop the Adani mine proceeding.

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