European Left on Ukraine: 'No to fascism, no to war'

The Party of the European Left is a European-wide political grouping that unites 26 parties to the left of social democracy, such as SYRIZA in Greece. It released the statement below on July 2. For more information visit

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We consider the main factors in the Ukraine crisis to be the imperial atttitude towards the country, as shown by all major powers involved: the deliberately provocative and bellicose moves by the US, NATO and European Union, as well as the aggressive steps taken by Russia.

This leads to a dangerous situation at our doorsteps, reminiscent of the Cold War and even to the outbreak of World War I in 1914.

We are against undemocratic represssion of communist, left and other democratic parties and forces.
We demand the release of all political prisoners and people taken hostage.

We demand an impartial international investigation of the Maidan Square shooting, the Odessa masacre, and of all other war crimes committed during the conflict.

We condemn the presence of fascist forces like Svoboda and Pravi Sektor in the government and state apparatus, and the presence of far-right forces in the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

We are strongly against the austerity measures imposed on Ukraine by the EU and the International Montary Fund, and we support the right of Ukrainian people to control the resources of their own country and their rights to social protection. We are against the presence of any foreign forces on the soil of Ukraine.