Dutton refuses to meet with refugee rights activists


Love Makes a Way, a national movement of Christians concerned about refugee rights, protested outside Immigration Minister Peter Dutton's electorate office on February 10.

The protest is a part of some 20 events to take place around the country over the next two weeks.

The protest movement is encouraging people to nonviolently resist the federal government's willingness to send children and babies to certain abuse in Nauru.

Love Makes A Way visited Dutton in December last year to pray and ask for the release of children from immigration detention. His office refused to talk to us, and closed down for the two days while the group prayed outside.

This time, we approached Dutton's office to state our intention but the office staff refused to open the doors. We assured her that were simply there to make a stand, outside the office. The staff told us to speak to the police instead — which we did.

We had an excellent discussion with the police about the abuse of children, women and men in immigration detention. We felt encouraged by their response and we informed them that we will continue to do whatever it takes — in a non-violent way — for all children to be released from immigration detention.

Many locals from the Dickson electorate joined us and I'd say 90% of the responses from drivers passing by who saw our #LetThemStay, #Sanctuary and Love Makes A Way signs were positive.

[To find out more or get involved in Love Makes a Way go to the FB page here.]

Photo: Peter Branjerdporn

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