Corporate development threatens Brunswick

For 10 years, the former Tip Top bakery site in Brunswick East has attracted ambitious property players who later saw financial ruin. These include disgraced property spruiker Henry Kaye followed by Norm Carey’s property group Westpoint.

Thanks to the new owner, Toll Holding’s CEO Paul Little, the heritage buildings of the site are sitting exposed to elements and vandals. In April, Little demolished all buildings other than the Harry Norris frontage.

Little’s developments company proposes to build six apartment blocks ranging in height from three to 10 storey on the 1.2 hectare site. More than 100 local residents are opposing the project. The height of 10-storeys doubles a height limit on the site set to protect it from over-development.

The plan triples the original unit number (proposed in 2001) of 165 to about 500 units, including 400 apartments, 14 home offices, about 100 offices and cafes.

Trent Hawkins, Socialist Alliance candidate for the seat of Wills that covers the area, said: “The local community is being sacrificed for corporate benefit.”

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