Bolivia: US refuses to extradite accused ex-president to face charges


“Washington has refused to extradite a former Bolivian president to the South American country to stand trial over political violence that forced him from office nine years ago”, Reutuers reports that Bolivian President Evo Morales said on September 7.

Bolivia wants former US-backed president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, known as “Goni”, to face charges over corruption allegations and for his role in the deaths of 63 people killed by security forces during the 2003 uprising that overthrew him.

Reuters reported that Morales said: "Yesterday, a document arrived from the United States, rejecting the extradition of people who have done a lot of damage to Bolivia."

Morales called the US a "paradise of impunity" and a "refuge for criminals". Morales said Washington turned down the extradition request on the grounds that a civilian leader cannot be tried for crimes committed by the military.

Rogelio Mayta, a lawyer representing victims of the 2003 violence, said "the US protection" of Sanchez de Lozada was not surprising, Reuters reported. "It's yet another display of the U.S. government's double moral standard," he said.