Australian people want justice for Assange, Melbourne rally planned

June 21, 2012

The editor-in-chief of Wikileaks and Australian citizen Julian Assange has not been charged with any crime in any country yet he now sits alone, abandoned by his government, in the Ecuador Embassy waiting to see if he will be granted asylum.

WikiLeaks Australian Citizens Alliance (WACA) will hold a mass rally on the steps of the State Library in Melbourne on July 1st at noon in support of Julian Assange.

Julian’s mother Christine Assange told WACA: “Now is the time for the people of Australia to take to the streets and let Julian know the government may have abandoned him but the people haven’t.

The US, UK, Swedish and our own government have revealed their duplicity because WikiLeaks showed us. I hope every journalist, supporter of free speech, free press and civil rights comes to the rally in Melbourne to show their support for an award winning journalist who exposed the truth to the world.”

Speakers at the July 1 rally include: Adam Bandt MP (deputy leader of the Australian Greens), Patrick O’Connor (SEP candidate), Lizzie O’Shea (human rights lawyer), Robbie Thorpe (indigenous activist), Daniel Matthews (founding member of Wikileaks). More speaker will be announced soon. Rap News will also make a rare live appearance.

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What ever they think they have on you in Sweden it would pale into insignificance if you were to do the opposite of what they expect so as to illustrate a particular point.

Have someone charter a private flight direct to New York, sneak out of the Embassy and make your way to the foot path of the United Nations and stand there with a rope nose around your neck and wait to see what the authorities do?

If they don't send you onto Sweden and prosecute you in the US then you have illustrate that Sweden was a ruse and perhaps, hopefully you will have won the respect of your peers in America which at that time you can present your rope nose as an exhibit for the court from the witness box along with the reasons that will put the jury in your shoes.

I know what it is like to be in a witness box with your neck on the line, and I am telling you mate you need to do the very opposite of what the authorities think you will do. Don't worry you will do okay.


Lawrence Lyons
Retired Police Officer and Witness 51 Royal Commission of Inquiry in Government Corruption referred to as the Fiztgerald Inquiry (

Spin and misdirection.

We are expected to believe a grand conspiracy by neutral Sweden while Assange has resided in the USA's closes ally, the UK, without extradition.

Meanwhile, two alleged victims have had their story ignored in favour of a grand conspiracy (Australia, USA, UK and Sweden).

Cowardice and a silver tongue!

You people are nuts, how can you espouse equal rights for women as a platform, and then throw your weight behind a man how is wanted for questioning for crimes against women

Some facts to counter the ignorance posted above.

- Assange voluntarily submitted himself for questioning while in Sweden for five weeks after the incident.
- Assange asked for permission to leave Sweden ans it was granted

Facts from Christine Assange's Talking Points (

28. Woman AA invited Julian to speak in Sweden at a seminar about Aphganistan in mid August 2010
29. Woman AA offered Julian her flat to stay in as she was going to be away but returned early.
30. Woman SW stated she went to seminar to meet Julian & invited him to stay at her place.
31. Both women have stated to police and media that sex was consensual and non-violent.
32. Exculpatory evidence (txts 2 friends) show women had no complaints re sex till finding out about each other.
33. Evidence (100+ txts btwn AA and SW) speak of revenge, making money, and ruining Julian's reputation by going to press.

Starting to see the picture?

Probably because having sex without a condom is not really a rape? Seeing women as equal I believe that they are more than capable enough to say "no" to a sexual encounter if they do not want a sexual encounter, or "not without a condom" if they do but not an unprotected sexual encounter. Secondly because a friend of mine had a woman make allegations against him after they "hooked up" and he made it obvious he did not want to pursue a relationship with her (because she was in-fucking-sane), everybody decided he was guilty, he learned who his friends were that week, some of his family, trusted friends, police officers, complete strangers, the only reason he got off is because he had recorded a particularly incriminating conversation with her on his phone.

Assange wants this to be about wikileaks and the US Government.

It's not.

It's about two women and questions the Swedish judiciary have. Whether or not Assange is guilty, let alone charged, remains to be seen.

The 'picture' we see is one where Sweden,a non-aligned country, is being cast as a greater lackey of the USA than Britain, America's most loyal ally.

You can only take this view if you completely forget the circumstances in which Assange was accused of these crimes. Its bad form to simply dismiss the women's claims of sexual assault, but unfortunately even a brief review of how it all went down would remind people something dodgy was going on.

This article goes into this further:

It also explains why extraditing Assange directly from Britain would be problematic for the US.

The sad thing is, it was only 18-24 months ago that this all happened. How quickly we forget. The media has done a great job of making the story all about Assange's character and not the explosive and damaging things he published about the world's most powerful people.

On the question of Sweden, its much-vaunted "neutrality" is a myth. The embassy cables pubished by WikiLeaks exposed this better than anything.

Only a complete idiot would believe Julian raped two women - But these are the facts. Both women involved in this “sex scandal” never alleged rape, but insisted that the sex was consensual and not violent. Woman SW has actually complained about being railroaded and was so upset that Julian was charged with rape that she refused to sign her statement. the man is wanted for questioning, no charges have ever been laid - Woman AA, who took a condom to the police saying that Julian had deliberately torn a condom during sex, went for an examination that proved there was not DNA from either her or Julian in it.

Interestingly, there is a domestic political agenda involved in Sweden. When the rape allegations were made on August the 20th, in one month’s time there was to be local and general elections in Sweden. And, “coincidentally”, woman AA, the police officer that interrogated woman SW, and both the lawyers in the law firm that picked up the case against Julian after it was dropped by the chief prosecutor, were all running for the same party, in the same elections, on the same platform of widening the definition of rape within consensual sex. So there is the domestic agenda. Then of course we’ve got other things going on. The two laywers involved, Claus Borgstrom and Thomas Bodstrom, have previously been in the Swedish government.

Claus Borgstrom knew AA. And they all know Marianne Ny, who is the Swedish prosecutor, because they all worked together on widening the sex offences for the last 10 years. Thomas Bodstrom, the partner of the woman’s lawyer, had in 2001 signed off on CIA torture flights for two Egyptian refugees who were tortured in Egypt and subsequently found to be innocent and in 2003 Sweden had to pay up compensation.

So some of the facts that were not [reported] right were that Julian offered himself for interview numerous times in Sweden and was knocked back by prosecutor Ny with various excuses. The particular chosen officer, the only one in Sweden, was sick, or was away. He offered to fly back in — no that couldn’t be done either.

Julian has constantly offered himself up for questioning, and even checked it was ok for him to leave sweeden after the allegations first surfaced, he stayed for over five weeks to assist the authorities, the moment he left, all of a sudden they wanted him for questioning with no charge, also while in England he has always made himself available for questioning, but the Sweedish authorities refused. Anybody who follows politics know this is a witch hunt. I live in Australia, and everybody knows the Australian government has done nothing to help him and even had the legislation changed after pressure from the yanks to change our legislation in relation to extraditing citizens in case Julian returned home. Julian even accused the Prime Minister - Julia Gillard on Free to Air TV of being guilty of Treason after exposing her illegal activities in spying and reporting the movements of innocent Australian citizens to foreign governments (USA) -

Collateral Murder was out on the 4th of April. The Gillard coup was the 26th of June. The Afghan War Diaries was the 25th [of July] and the sex allegations were on the 20th of [August]. So it is all working quite nicely for them isn’t it?

The sad fact is we live in a world, were it is perfectly acceptable for leaders of democratic nations to murder millions of people all without there citizens saying a word, they then compound the crime by covering it up and minimising it, yet, if you have a normal human emotion such as utter disgust at the Sociopathic leaders casually murdering men, women and children to secure some resources to appease their nations addictions, you are considered a troublemaker and jeopardising life - what a backward crazy world we live in, were evil is called good, and good is considered evil. wake up people, before its too late!

Originally, Wikileaks was set up to give the oppressed in thrid world countries a voice, it was supposed to help the Third World. That was why it was set up, to help the Third World, to expose the dictatorships. But Julian had no idea he’d get a drop from America. That came as a complete surprise.

But WikiLeaks took the mask off power. And power is very, very angry.

Julian was awarded the Sam Adams award in 2010. Does anyone know what that is? No, that’s because the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know what it is.

The Sam Adams award is an award given by retired US senior military and intelligence officers and Julian won it in 2010. Ann Wright from Stars and Stripes, the main military magazine in America, has come out and said we in the US military know what’s going on in the war … what should be investigated is what WikiLeaks is raising. So he actually has the backing of the US military that are retired.

Assange supporters cling to a Giant World Conspiracy...but then retreat when the simple question of Assange freedom to roam the UK comes up. Tthe Green Left rationale you refer to oddly relies on the UK and USA being very respectful of legal niceties, whereas Green Left supporters see conspiracies everywhere, including USA, UK, Australia and Sweden.

Assange should stop indulging the gullibility of his supporters - go to Sweden and answer allegations about his behaviour.

Origin Energy will increase its Service Fee per metering point from 38.379 c/day to 74.492 c/day for residential customers in Brisbane from 11/07/12. This increase can only be seen as a transfer of wealth from the working class to the rich! manage to find a connection between Gillard overthrowing Rudd, Wikileaks and the Assange rape allegations, finishing with:

"So it is all working quite nicely for them isnt it?"

Who is "them"? The stonecutters??

Actually, the rationale referred to regarding Britain comes from Michael Ratner, president emeritus of the US Center for Constitutional Rights, as the link above shows.

Its obvious US wants to get him - politicians have called for his death, the vice-president called him a "high-tech terrorist" and the alleged source Bradley Manning has been abused in jail.

But Assange is too high profile to simply snatch off the street or whatever. Because it and other Western governments need to maintain the illusion that they respect democracy and the rule of law, they are forced to prosecute Assange by the book.

Ratner also said: "I think if the United States tomorrow said, 'We will not be prosecuting WikiLeaks or Julian Assange, there will be no indictment of him, the grand jury is over,' etc, etc, I don’t think Julian Assange ... would have any issue about going to Sweden for interrogation on these charges."

& Enemy of the Right. We aren't all perfect. What Assange did is to decide to have sexual intercourse with two separate women and going in naked. It's more of a personal lust/love triangle and an affair that if an Australian court was involved, they would laugh it straight out the door. Assange is a revolutionary. He did for the left what social media did for making us socially inept. His revolution was a positive one, complete transparency of what goes on behind the closed doors of the governments and wars of the world. Those that crucify him are not of the left. Just more of the apologists of the right, a voice that is permanent in today's society within the mainstream media.