Amid deepening climate crisis, Morrison’s gas push ‘reckless’ in the extreme

Image: Markela Panegyres

Friends of the Earth Australia believes that Prime Minister Scott Morrison government’s push for fossil gas is reckless in the extreme amid a deepening climate crisis.

The horror bushfires over summer and wildfires now burning in the United States show what’s in store if governments fail to tackle the climate crisis.

Instead of accepting this reality and acting decisively to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, Morrison has pledged to back a failing gas industry with public funds.

Morrison announced a fossil gas plan on September 15. It includes a range of measures designed to prop up the dirty gas industry, including subsidies of $52.9 million, a new “National Gas Infrastructure Plan” and support to open up five new gas basins.

Many of the government’s announcements echo the recommendations in the leaked interim report of the .

The working group has been widely criticised for being stacked with fossil fuel interests.

Friends of the Earth Australia says the government’s plan reveals its willingness to put its ideological commitment to fossil fuels ahead of the real threats climate change poses to communities.

Without a course correction towards greater support for solar, wind, and storage, the government is condemning us to a future of dangerous climate impacts.

The Morrison government is playing favourites and bankrolling projects that will lock our country into higher prices and climate destruction.

 Friends of the Earth and the environment movement will resist the government’s push for fossil fuels. A national day of action organised by the student-led movement is planned for September 25. It is calling on state governments to show greater leadership on climate and energy policy because the federal government’s failure is now complete.

[Cam Walker is the campaigns coordinator for .]