Video: Voluntary Assisted Dying becomes law in NSW

Following a 10-year, grass roots campaign by advocacy organisations, backed by significant and sustained community support, Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) has became law in NSW, the Upper House vote in favour ratified by the Legislative Assembly on May 19.

It gives the terminally ill in NSW the same rights as all other Australian States - the option to peacefully end their lives and unbearable suffering, at a time and place of their choosing.

Following this historic victory for compassion and democracy, Suzanne James catches up with Shayne Higson, Vice President of Dying With Dignity NSW, who has been fighting for this reform for almost 10 years, and VAD Advocate Greg Connell, whose family’s VAD story stretches back three generations.

They talk about how they felt when the Bill was passed, what’s next for both of them, and the continuance of the VAD campaign federally to restore Northern and Australian Capital Territory rights.

This video is dedicated to the many brave and selfless advocates for Voluntary Assisted Dying, who died waiting for NSW to pass this reform.