Suzanne James

What happened at PwC is the entirely predictable result of the Australian Public Service being sacrificed for the politically expedient, but false, economy of outsourcing to the private for-profit sector, writes Suzanne James.

NT citizens are hoping that the new ACT voluntary assisted dying law leads to them also gaining the democratic human right to compassionate end-of-life choices. Suzanne James reports.

Suzanne James looks at Labor’s shock inclusion of proposed doxing laws in the Privacy Act Review and why it’s becoming a finial for transparency, accountability and investigative journalism.

Questions are being raised about the potential use of Australian-supplied weaponry to Saudi Arabia, following a Human Rights Watch report on a mass killing at the Yemen-Saudi border. Suzanne James and Michelle Fahy report.

Suzanne James talks to NSW Greens Senator and defence spokesperson David Shoebridge about Australia’ unconscionable arming of Israel as it commits genocide in Gaza.

Dying With Dignity Victoria is pushing for changes to Victoria’s ground breaking voluntary assisted dying legislation. Suzanne James reports.

Book cover, Rodney Syme addresses a protest

Suzanne James reviews Dr Rodney Symes' book, which reveals the societal abandonment of the basic human rights and bodily autonomy of our most vulnerable: dementia sufferers, the aged, the disabled and the terminally ill.

Voluntary Assisted Dying is a now legal end-of-life option in New South Wales, however some people still face discrimination. Suzanne James reports.

Suzanne James speaks with Greens Senator David Shoebridge about war crimes, whistleblowers and weed.

Judy Hannan

Independent MP for Wollondilly Judy Hannan was recognised for improving the position of elected female representatives. Suzanne James reports.

Suzanne James looks at the NDIS review panel's interim report and finds even the people who built the NDIS are still struggling to clearly define all its moving parts.


Australian universities graphic

Suzanne James asks if Australia can really find its way back to Whitlam-style free education policy when so many are ensnared in a hunger-games economy, driven by the greed of the privileged, privately-educated few?