Video: Sydney protest over killing of Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini by Iran's 'morality police'

Progressive Kurdish and Iranian groups worked together to build a successful demonstration on September 25 at Sydney Town Hall square to protest the killing of Kurdish woman Jina Mahsa Amini by Iran's notorious "morality police".

This was the second protest over this issue in Sydney and more are being planned, including an action on September 28 at 6pm in the Parramatta mall.

Demonstrations have been organised in other cities, including Mebourne, Adelaide and Perth.

The Sydney rally heard speakers from the Kurdish and Iranian community as well as Greens Inner West Councillor Koby Shetty, Peter Murphy from Australian Supporters of Democracy in Iran, Maysoon Enilgoumi from the Sudanese community, Reverend Bill Crews and Rachel Evans from the Socialist Alliance.

Gulê Rose, the co-chair of the Federation of Democratic Kurdish Society — Australia, saluted the free women's revolt and resistance sweeping Iran and Rojhilat (eastern Kurdistan occupied by Iran) and called on the federal government to condemn Amini's murder in the strongest terms.

The United Nations should conduct an investigation into her death, she added.