Video: Sovereignty, Treaty & First Nations Justice livestream

February 23, 2023

This is a livestream from the February 20 forum on "Treaty, sovereignty and First Nations justice" with Lidia Thorpe (Djab Wurrung Gunnai Gunditjmara woman and Independent Senator) and Uncle Gary Murray (Multi-Clan descendent of Wamba Wamba, Dhudhuroa, Wiradjeri, Yorta Yorta, Baraparapa, Djab Wurrung and Wergaia Nations and Victorian Traditional Owners Land Justice Group).

With the upcoming referendum on Voice to parliament, discussion about the best ways to fight for Treaty, Sovereignty and First Nations justice has been growing and opinion has been shifting.

An opinion poll in December 2021 revealed that more than half (53% of people younger than 35) do not think Australia should be celebrated on January 26.

The massive Invasion Day protests, which drew tens of thousands of people across the country, is another sign of the growing movement for justice.

This is the context behind four states and territories beginning Treaty discussions with First Nations communities.

The speakers at this Green Left-Socialist Alliance forum addressed the question of how to advance Treaty, Sovereignty and justice for First Nations peoples and their views on the Voice to parliament.