Video: COVID-19 and the Global South

As the devastation from the COVID-19 virus continues, how are countries from the Global South coping? Are measures to stop the virus spreading also aimed at limiting people’s rights and freedoms? What are front-line socialists advocating in the pandemic?

This video is a livestream recording of the online forum on COVID-19 and the Global South hosted by Socialist Alliance and Green Left on April 11.

This forum featured socialist activists from neighbouring countries.

Reihana Mohideen from the Party of Labouring Masses (Phillipines).
Kumar Jeyakumar, the ‘red’ medical doctor, Malaysian Socialist Party (PSM).
Kavita Krishnan, Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation (CPI-ML) and All India Progressive Women's Association.
Hawzhin Azeez is a Kurdish academic and feminist who specialises in gender and Middle Eastern studies and is currently teaching in the American University in Iraq.

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