Exhibition to raise funds for earthquake victims in Rojava

February 21, 2023

Last July, Sydney-based photographers and filmmakers Jake Lloyd Jones, Katarina Lloyd Jones and Curtis Knight travelled to Başûrê (South Kurdistan/Kurdish Iraq) to work alongside Kurdish revolutionary fighters.

Together with their new Kurdish friends, they celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution, met with Yezidi survivors of the Mount Sinjar massacre in 2014 and gained a rare insight into the continuing struggle faced by Kurdish people in resisting genocide.

They have preserved this experience in a photographic essay and accompanying documentary film.

These images and a selection of video footage from the documentary will be exhibited at the Stirrup Gallery at Addison Road Centre, Marrickville, from February 24-26.

All profits will go to Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê (Kurdish Red Crescent) for earthquake relief in Rojava/Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.

Images courtesy of MerJa Media.