Richard Boyle, who exposed serious misconduct in the Australian Taxation Office, lost his appeal to be protected under whistleblower laws. Pip Hinman reports.

The University of Newcastle student encampment in solidarity with Gaza is calling for allies to show their support. Niko Leka reports.

Antisemitism is weaponised when Palestinians, the indigenous victims of Zionism, are vilified as terrorists, Muslim extremists and antisemite, a forum was told. Sarah Hathway reports.

Mohamed Mayara, a visiting Western Sahara journalist and trade unionist, told a public forum that the Moroccan regime was imposing a “systematic policy of repression”. Jim McIlroy reports.

Socialist Alliance councillor Sue Bolton believes that state and federal Labor government attacks on pro-Palestine protesters is a “sure sign” they have lost hearts and minds over Israel’s war on Gaza. Darren Saffin reports.

empty wallet

Anglicare Australia not only wants Labor to raise all welfare payments, it is also calling for an independent 'Social Security Commission' with the power to set and adjust payments based on the actual cost of living. Isaac Nellist reports. 

Pine Gap’s total number of satellite radomes, smaller dishes and antennas at the spy base is now at its highest ever. But Australians are being kept in the dark. Mark Robinson reports.

Australian workers do more overtime than almost any other OECD nation, a new survey for Unions NSW has found. Jim McIlroy reports that on average they forfeit $21,500 a year.

Sydney protest for Palestine

Protests for Palestine coincided with the beginning of Eid al-Adha on the weekend of June 15–16, reports Isaac Nellist.

Students, staff and Palestine supporters rallied outside the Australian National University’s chancellery to protest management’s expulsion of a student for supporting Palestine. Paul Oboohov reports.

Fremantle welcomes refugees

Grandmothers for Refugees held their 200th weekly vigil. Alex Salmon reports.

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Isaac Nellist and Riley Breen discuss the student Gaza encampments, public servants speaking out for Palestine and the South African elections.