El Salvador: New law guarantees social programs

El Salvador's Legislative Assembly approved the Social Development and Protection Law on April 3. The law was presented by President Mauricio Funes last year to ensure the groundbreaking social services initiated by his administration continued.

These programs are designed to address the needs of historically abandoned and excluded sectors. The law mandates a “legal framework for human development, protection and social inclusion that promotes, protects and guarantees the fulfillment of people’s rights”.

What is at stake in Venezuela: the gains of the revolution

When the later president Hugo Chavez was first elected president in 1998, it began a process of change that has sought to expand the democratic and social rights of the poor majority who had previously been excluded. This process is known as the Bolivarian revolution.

It has included a new constitution guaranteeing previously unheard of social rights, re-nationalising the oil industry and promoting participatory democracy.

Chile: Students set to win free higher education

Newly re-elected President Michelle Bachelet has reaffirmed her election promise to introduce free tertiary education in Chile — one of the demands of the country’s powerful student movement.

In elections in December, the New Majority coalition of centre-left parties won a majority in both the Chilean Congress and Senate. Bachelet, the New Majority candidate, was elected president.

On March 11, Bachelet began her second term as president, having served as president from 2006-2010. She replaced right-wing president Sebastian Pinera.

Uni staff, students protest cuts

University students and staff protested proposed cuts to tertiary education in Sydney’s CBD on March 26.

The event involved about 200 people from various faculties, who marched against the proposed $2.3 billion dollar cuts to their universities.

Students from as far away as the University of Newcastle, gathered outside the University of Technology Sydney Broadway campus.


Venezuelan students send the world a message -- don't buy their lies! (VIDEO)

Venezuelan students who support the Bolivarian Revolution speak out against recent oppositional violence, and urge the nation's youth to think for themselves in the midst of the media-backed polarisation. They also explain the gains of the revolution for students and youth that are at stake. (Thanks to Venezuela Analysis which posted this video)

Spain: Huge 'Marches for Dignity' converge in Madrid to demand end to austerity

The six columns of the “Marches for Dignity”, protest marches against austerity, corruption and the repression of social and civil rights in the Spanish state, reached Madrid on March 22. Hundreds of thousands of people took over the streets of Madrid that day. It was the crowning moment for a movement that began in early March with marches leaving from cities across the Spanish state.

The romantics’ claws that may tear Pyne's vision -- investigating Shelley and Austen

Sense & Sensibility, an Annotated Edition
By Jane Austen (edited by Patricia Meyer Spacks)
Harvard University Press 2013
448 pp, $54.95
The Annotated Frankenstein
By Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (edited by Susan J. Wolfson & Ronald Levao)
Harvard University Press 2012
400pp., $45.00

In January, federal education minister Christopher Pyne announced that he wants the national school history curriculum to recognise “the legacy of Western civilisation”.

University campus O-weeks get political

Members of the Socialist Alliance have taken part in O-week stalls, which is not only resulting in a boost for Green Left Weekly sales and subscriptions in the lead up to its 1000th issue, but also a boost for the Socialist Alliance and Resistance.

Venezuela: Democracy and social justice at stake


Cher was far from the only celebrity to express support for the right-wing protests in Venezuela, and such tweets symbolise how much the source of disinformation and attacks on Venezuela and its democracy has shifted from mainstream to social media.

Radical Tutes

Interested in making social change? Want to get involved in community campaigns that make a difference? Please feel free to come along to any or all Radical Tutes - a series of alternative, radical tutorials about standing up and making change.

They will take place fortnightly on Wednesdays from March 5, 11.30am @ University of Wollongong, CSE Meeting Room B.

Each tute will feature a presentation followed by questions and discussion. Topics to include:
March 5: What's to celebrate on IWD?
March 19: Are universities degree factories?

Event date: 
Wed, 05/03/2014 - 11:30am
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