BY SEAN HEALY What is clear after the Genoa G8 summit is that the world's rulers have made a conscious policy decision: it is time to violently repress the anti-globalisation movement. Many of the individual elements of the state terror employed
Due to a sub-editing error, the article "Socialist Alliance plans campaigns" (GLW #457) stated that mass leafleting of Workers Compensation information occurred on July 18. This took place on July 25. Socialist Alliance members decided on July 19 to
BY LINDA WALDRON MELBOURNE — During the month of June, Melbourne was inundated with corporate self-promotion in the interests of developers, investors, big business and profiteers. The Melbourne City Council elections — for seven councilors,
BY ZANNY BEGG SYDNEY — Despite widespread community opposition the New South Wales government is pushing ahead with plans to build a $48 million jail for women in western Sydney. The new jail will be called Dillwynia (after an endangered plant
BY SEAN HEALY Many of the world's poorest countries are struggling to make even modest progress on reducing poverty, and there is now little chance that they will meet the United Nations Millennium Summit targets for poverty eradication and
BY SARAH STEPHEN During the past two weeks, refugee rights activists have been followed by undercover police. NSW police have been issued with photos of 46 men "on the run". Highways, ports and airports have been put on alert and 35 immigration
BY EVA CHENG Fears that an all-out world recession is about to hit have become increasingly pronounced, with Japan and the major European economies following the formerly booming United States into sharp deceleration. In May, the International
A large majority of US whites perceive African Americans as having equal or better opportunities than themselves. This incredible misconception is documented in a new national poll conducted by the Washington Post, the Henry J. Kaiser Family
BY JIM GREEN Australian government delegates played spoiler at the United Nations climate change conference, held in Bonn, Germany from July 16-23, where delegates from 180 countries met to finalise details on the Kyoto Protocol on reducing
BY ALISON DELLIT "We started election campaigning in a handful of seats, now we're moving towards 100 local branches throughout England and Wales", Marcus Larsen, the chairperson of the London Socialist Alliance told Green Left Weekly. In the
BY PIP HINMAN At 4am on July 22, a tent occupied by hunger strikers in the Sumatran town of Lampung was doused with petrol and set alight by thugs, suspected to be military personnel in plain clothes. Two of the hunger strikers — GPK (Popular
BY MAX LANE In October 1999, when Megawati Sukarnoputri won the consolation prize of being elected Abdurrahman Wahid's vice-president, tens of thousands of her supporters paraded around the streets of Jakarta celebrating. There is no doubt that had