Imperialism & war

One hundred and fifty academics have sent an open letter to Labor urging it to acknowledge Israel’s genocide, the slaughter in the West Bank and to support the International Court of Justice the International Criminal Court. Paul Gregoire reports.

cartoon by Carlos Latuff

The June 8 Israeli raid on the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza was celebrated for rescuing four hostages, but resulted in 1000 dead and wounded — the worst massacre since Israel’s war against the Palestinians in Gaza began on October 7, reports Barry Sheppard.

Boris Kagarlitsky in handcuffs

Suzi Weissman writes that the international campaign of solidarity with Russian anti-war socialist Boris Kagarlitsky will continue until he is released.

graph of election results

Dick Nichols reports that the parties to the left of the social democracy appear to have held their ground against the surge of the far right and mainstream right in the June 9 European parliamentary elections.

The University of Newcastle student encampment in solidarity with Gaza is calling for allies to show their support. Niko Leka reports.

Antisemitism is weaponised when Palestinians, the indigenous victims of Zionism, are vilified as terrorists, Muslim extremists and antisemite, a forum was told. Sarah Hathway reports.

Mohamed Mayara, a visiting Western Sahara journalist and trade unionist, told a public forum that the Moroccan regime was imposing a “systematic policy of repression”. Jim McIlroy reports.

people protesting

Salim Vally began his activism as a student leader fighting against his country’s apartheid regime. Today, he heads up the South African BDS coalition. Green Left’s Federico Fuentes spoke to Vally — who will be a guest speaker at Ecosocialism 2024 — about the global campaign against Israeli apartheid.

Socialist Alliance councillor Sue Bolton believes that state and federal Labor government attacks on pro-Palestine protesters is a “sure sign” they have lost hearts and minds over Israel’s war on Gaza. Darren Saffin reports.

Pine Gap’s total number of satellite radomes, smaller dishes and antennas at the spy base is now at its highest ever. But Australians are being kept in the dark. Mark Robinson reports.

Labor denies sending weapons to Israel. By focusing on the word “weapons”, it ignores exports of “ammunition/munitions” and “parts and components” which are covered by a 2014 arms treaty Australia has ratified. Michelle Fahy reports.

Comedian Akmal Saleh spoke at the Magan-djin/Brisbane rally in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Video by Alex Bainbridge.