By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Power workers at Queensland's four major electricity stations have threatened to sue Liberal deputy premier Joan Sheldon over remarks she made blaming possible union "sabotage" for the power breakdowns which caused
Criminal justice activists conference By Karen Fletcher The 2nd annual conference of community justice activists — Law and Order: Whose agenda is it anyway? — will be held in Brisbane, March 26-28. The conference will bring together activists
By Ian Jamieson Tasmania's minority Liberal government is continuing to receive stunning blows as a result of its attempt to "reform" local government in Tasmania. In a series of Australian Electoral Commission-run polls organised by seven
By Rupen Savoulian SYDNEY — An estimated 8-10,000 people braved inclement weather to attend a rally against the proposed second Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek on March 15. An alliance of western Sydney local councils organised the rally at
By Jeremy Smith MELBOURNE — In a move designed to provoke industrial action, management at Monash University cancelled all negotiations over enterprise bargaining at the end of February. National Tertiary, Education and Industry Union (NTEU)
By Jo Williams MELBOURNE — Fifty people attended a "Feminism and Socialism" seminar at the Resistance Centre on March 14. Organised by Resistance and the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP), the seminar included feature talks, workshops and campaign
By Bruce Marlowe SYDNEY — The crippling role of the federal Workplace Relations Act has again been underlined after industrial relations minister Peter Reith admitted he advised Patrick boss Chris Corrigan not to pay Port Botany wharfies because
By Sue Bull CANBERRA — Few here were surprised to see Liberal leader Kate Carnell re-elected as chief minister in the ACT. Her massive personal vote, the ALP's abysmal performance and "independent" Michael Moore's obsequious devotion assured her
By Allen Myers The real unemployment rate in Australia is probably more than double the official rate of 8.1%, according to figures from an Australian Bureau of Statistics study announced on March 9. The survey "Persons Not in the Labour Force",
By Nikki Ulasowski and Amanda Lawrence CANBERRA— Following the charging of two Perth doctors and calls by feminists for the repeal of all abortion laws, ACT Pro-Choice has been formed in Canberra. The group hopes to build on the work of former
Activists condemn US sanctions By Emily Potts CANBERRA — At the University of Canberra on March 10, members of Resistance held a speak-out against the United States government's sanctions on Iraq. The students displayed many of the items
By Ben Reid MELBOURNE — The growing financial difficulties of the Crown Casino have exacerbated the poor fortunes of the Kennett Liberal government in Victoria. A decline in revenue resulted in Crown posting a loss of over $40 million in the five
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