Venezuela launches cheeky anti-fracking campaign

The Venezuelan government-sponsored anti-fracking exhibition in Caracas.

Venezuela has launched a campaign against the environmental toll of hydraulic fracturing in the United States with a new exhibition entitled “Fucking Fracking”.

Government official Ernesto Villegas announced the inauguration of the exhibition on March 2. It will veature talks by economists and oil experts, as well as an anti-fracking play.

The exhibition's logo is a fractured heart dripping with black oil, with dried up leaves coming from the arteries.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said oil prices have taken a nosedive in recent months, in part due to the US flooding the market with oil gained through fracking.

Oppostion to fracking is growing. Plans to increase fracking in Britain have taken a drubbing this year. Both Wales and Scotland introduced bans, while the British government was forced to make a U-turn and safeguard at least 40% of the territory from the environmentally harmful practice.

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