On the box


2 Mums and a Dad — Unique exploration of the nature of family in today's complicated society. A lesbian couple raise a child with a gay man. SBS1, Friday, July 3, 1.30pm.

1929: The Wall Street Crash — More than $25 billion in individual wealth was lost and 3000 banks failed, taking people's savings with them. Eyewitnesses describe the biggest financial catastrophe in history. SBS1, Friday, July 3, 8.30pm.

Bamako— African civil society representatives initiate proceedings against the world's most notorious financial institutions (the World Bank and the IMF) who they blame for Africa's woes. SBS2, Friday, July 3, 10.45pm.

2 Live 2 Deadly — From humble beginnings operating out of a terrace house in Redfern twenty years ago, the Aboriginal voice on Sydney Koori Radio has struggled to keep its place on the city's airwaves. ABC1, Sunday, July 5, 1.30pm.

Island Home Country — A poetic cine-essay about Australia's colonised history. ABC1, Sunday, July 5, 3pm.

Slave Revolution — The Haitian Revolution at the turn of the 19th century used the ideas of the French Revolution to create the world's first Black republic. SBS1, Sunday, July 5, 7.30pm.

Women Of The Sun: 25 Years Later — In 1981, Bob Weis produced the drama series Women Of The Sun, the story of Indigenous Australia as told by Aboriginal women. He now sets out to gauge the impact on five of the women who acted in the original series. ABC1, Sunday, July 5, 10.35pm.

Lionel Rose — The extraordinary life of Australia's first Aboriginal boxing champion. More than a black sporting hero, he was also a symbolic figure in the interracial politics of the time. SBS1, Monday, July 6, 3.30pm.

Can GM Food Save the World? — Around the world, a food crisis is looming and many plant scientists believe genetic modification is the answer. SBS1, Tuesday July 7, 7.30pm.