Eva Golinger, whose 2006 book The Chavez Code exposed the role of the US in the 2002 coup that briefly overthrew the democratically elected Venezuelan government, is blogging continuously on the situation in Honduras.

The first person to die after testing positive to swine flu in Australia was a 26-year-old Aboriginal man from a remote desert community. Health workers have said it is evidence of the significant gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous health, and warn more deaths are likely.

When employment minister Julia Gillard declared that the onus was on young people to “earn or learn”, she forgot to mention the third option open to young Australians struggling to find a job — killing people.

In his 2006 bestseller about climate change, Heat, British writer George Monbiot said his biggest worry was not that people would stop talking about climate change. His fear was that they’d talk us to kingdom come.

Forty years ago, between April and May 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono began an international cultural struggle against the Vietnam War using their fame and notoriety to draw attention to their peace message.

Servant of the Revolution

Written by Anitra Nelson

Directed by Brenda Addie

Mechanics Institute Performing Arts Centre, Brunswick (cnr Sydney & Glenlyon rds)

July 21-25 and July 28-August 1, 8pm

Tickets $25/$15 concession

Bookings 0420 933 101 or servantrevolution@gmail.com


2 Mums and a Dad — Unique exploration of the nature of family in today's complicated society. A lesbian couple raise a child with a gay man. SBS1, Friday, July 3, 1.30pm.

1929: The Wall Street Crash — More than $25 billion in individual wealth

The Queensland Government is threatening to build a dam on the Mary River at Traveston Crossing.

This dam will endanger the Queensland Lung Fish, flood the nesting sites of the endangered Mary River Turtle and endanger the Eastern Cod. All these

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) has called on Australian Taxation Office (ATO) staff to vote against a new agency agreement proposed by management. Voting was to place between June 23 and June 30.

Ernest Mandel, A Rebel’s Dream Deferred

By Jan Willem Stutje

Verso, 2009

392 pp., $60.30 (hb)


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