Showcase of Tibetan films


The 2005 Tibetan Film Festival
Chauvel Cinemas, Paddington Town Hall, Sydney
August 26-27
Phone (02) 9361 5398 to book tickets.

The 2005 Tibetan Film Festival will provide a wider perspective of the Tibetan situation than has ever been seen before in Australia, with documentaries and features by Tibetan directors.

Films at the Gala night, which will feature live Tibetan music and speakers, will include We're No Monks, written and directed by Pema Dhondup, a Tibetan living in exile. Shot on location in Dharamshala and Delhi, this is a story about the dreams, aspirations and desires of four Tibetan exiles who, as a result of social, political and economic frustrations, plot acts of terrorism.

According to Dhondup, "After many years of remaining calm and hopeful, generations of Tibetans living both in Tibet and exile are bound to become frustrated. Different pressures will push them into thinking about alternative paths of action. This will only escalate and finally affect the prevailing peace in the region. Do we want another Middle East in Asia? Of course not ... By presenting a gruesome scenario on the screen I want to provide a mirror for my people and a reflection to the rest of the world. I want to say, 'Do not let this happen'."

From Green Left Weekly, August 24, 2005.
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